What is a Cataract?

So I have a cataract, but what does it actually mean?   We see patients with cataract development almost daily, it is very common so first things first: DON’T PANIC. There is a lot of misconceptions about cataracts that makes it difficult for patients to understand the implications, symptoms and the treatment options available. No, it is not a film … Read More

Cataract Follow Up

I had cataract surgery, what now?   So you had the cataract, hardening and clouding of the lens, removed and the ophthalmologist replaced your old and hardened lens with a brand-spanking-new artificial lens. (To refresh your memory on what a cataract is – please read relevant post: What is a cataract?) Usually the procedure is done one eye at a … Read More

Cataract Prevention

How to protect yourself and your loved ones from cataracts:   One of the comments I often hear from patients, while we are still chatting about the main complaints and reason the patient is here for a visit, is: “I think I have cataracts!” I realized the misconceptions are so many and it is time to set the record straight. … Read More