About Us

This Practice in Flora Centre was opened in October 1974. At that time Flora Centre was the very first shopping centre on Ontdekkers Road and in the West Rand. Robert and Renee van Gool provided the primary vision care in the practice from that time until their retirement in October 2014. Over the years the practice survived the many changes and alterations to upgrade Flora Centre, including a fire which started in the floor below in 1990.

In November 2014 the practice was taken over by Geline Marè and her husband, Jacques Du Toit and the practice changed its name to EyeLove Optometrist. We will carry the vision of promoting better vision and eye health, while giving good service with a personal touch, forward.

Our motto at EyeLove Optometrist is: Loving people; Loving eyes. We love people and love to assist our patients in giving them good eyesight so they can enjoy life without hindrance.

Most people believe optometrists are like shoe shops, but for spectacles. For us, it is so much more than that. Our aim is to make optometry (measuring eyesight, prescribing corrective lenses, and detecting eye diseases) USER-FRIENDLY and easy to understand, educating patients so that our patients can love and care for their eyes as much as we do.

It is through the continued loyalty and support of the many patients, from both inside South Africa and abroad, over the years that has made this a very successful practice. Our patients are like family and friends that we are dedicated to. We love to meet new people, so please come and visit us.