An Eye test is not just a test

I have come to the conclusion that not a lot of people actually know what Optometrists do and why it is necessary to visit us frequently. Let me try and explain to you what you can expect the next time you come to see me: At EyeLove Optometrist there is no such thing as “just an eye test”. We do … Read More

All up in your business

Over all the years that I practice as an Optometrist, I have gotten that “what does that have to do with you?” look when I start my comprehensive eye examination so many times. So, I decided to let you in on a little secret: I am not nosy, but everything has something to do with me… or at least to … Read More

Contact lenses – The cosmetic alternative

These days spectacle frames are some kind of “facial accessory” and in fashion, which is great news for people dependent upon their glasses. But if you like the adventurous outdoors or playing sport, you will know that glasses, even though they help you see clearly, it does not make these activities easy. In fact, in playing contact-sport with glasses are … Read More

Who’s Who in Optometry?

Some titles can be difficult to understand and then you end up at the wrong person for the job. So in the light of our mission making optometry easier to understand, we made you a list of the providers in the optical industry to help you find the right person for the job. Optometrist: Optometrists are primary health care providers … Read More

What is a Cataract?

So I have a cataract, but what does it actually mean?   We see patients with cataract development almost daily, it is very common so first things first: DON’T PANIC. There is a lot of misconceptions about cataracts that makes it difficult for patients to understand the implications, symptoms and the treatment options available. No, it is not a film … Read More

Cataract Follow Up

I had cataract surgery, what now?   So you had the cataract, hardening and clouding of the lens, removed and the ophthalmologist replaced your old and hardened lens with a brand-spanking-new artificial lens. (To refresh your memory on what a cataract is – please read relevant post: What is a cataract?) Usually the procedure is done one eye at a … Read More

Cataract Prevention

How to protect yourself and your loved ones from cataracts:   One of the comments I often hear from patients, while we are still chatting about the main complaints and reason the patient is here for a visit, is: “I think I have cataracts!” I realized the misconceptions are so many and it is time to set the record straight. … Read More