An Eye test is not just a test

I have come to the conclusion that not a lot of people actually know what Optometrists do and why
it is necessary to visit us frequently. Let me try and explain to you what you can expect the next time
you come to see me:

At EyeLove Optometrist there is no such thing as “just an eye test”. We do a comprehensive eye
examination and in the “comprehensive” lies the key. During a comprehensive eye test, we evaluate
your vision and eye health. Not only do we focus on how well you can see, but also how your visual
system is coping with the demand you put on them, a “how you see” and not just a “what you see”.

It all starts with a chat about you, your health, your working environments and the demand you put
on your visual system.

Some of the aspects we evaluate include:

  • clarity and ability at distance and near;
  • correction needed to help you achieve the best possible vision;
  • how well your eyes work together in all directions and if there is any inflammation in the 6
    ocular muscles of each eye;
  • how well every structure has developed and function (especially important in kids);
  • pupil reactions toward light and dark environments (might explain light sensitivity);
  • your contrast sensitivity, as we know the “real world” is not always black on white but can
    be difficult when there is not a lot of contrast (like driving at night);
  • the health of all the ocular structures from the eyelids, cornea to the retina (nerve layer);
  • the pressure inside the eye (if the pressure is too high it can cause damage to the nerve layer
    that can lead to blindness).

As you can see a comprehensive eye examination is so much more than just a test and for that
reason it might take between 30 and 45 minutes. A comprehensive eye examination is needed to
fully comprehend your visual system and the appropriate course of action that is required (i.e.
spectacles, contact lenses, visual therapy or referral to Ophthalmologist).

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